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Moore’s Law Smells Funny

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  1. Rohitkumar H Vora, PhD says:

    I have read a report of March 30th 2017 posted by Ms. Rachel Courtland in the IEEE Spectrum, titled: “Intel Now Packs 100 Million Transistors in Each Square Millimeter”, and posted about it by Mr. Mike Perry (with pen name: Michael W. Perry) of the inkingbooks.com.

    Ms. Courtland’s above mentioned report with the tantalizing title was interesting read. However more interestingly, I somewhat agree to Mr. Mike Perry’s suggested some read deal commonsense practicality Moore’s Law or not thereof for the next generation IC chips/semiconductor devices fabrication. I therefore, take liberty to suggest to all the scientist and engineers working in the R&D and semiconductors and processors device manufacturing industry to please read and understand what realization Mr. Mike Perry is driving at.

    For the most semiconductors technology companies, Moor’s Law is historically running or ran the final lag of the journey toward its obliteration. According to the published news/interview reports, even Dr. Gordon Earle Moore himself agreed about it in the recent years. However, presently it seems that Intel is keeping it alive only for the ‘front-page’ news/headlines, and of course, for some tangible commercial rewards comes with it; and also for its Scientist(s)/Engineer(s) who claim it to be a magic(!) in their interview(s), nothing more than an opportunity to have personal name recognition.

    As for the Intel and most semiconductors technology MNC it rather is important to be working on the disruptive scientific innovation in multilayer IC chips and integrative processor fabrication technologies recaptured from their patents portfolios for increasing their shareholder’s values.