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Pete has over 40 years of publishing experience. He co-founded Semiconductor Digest and the Gold Flag Media company with publisher Kerry Hoffman in 2019. Previously, he spent over 25 years at Semiconductor International and 11 years at Solid State Technology.

The magic behind the gadget and the need for innovation

Rick Wallace, president and CEO of KLA-Tencor, provided the keynote talk at the SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) this year, held Jan 12-15 in Half Moon Bay, CA. He said he believes the semiconductor industry might be facing a “Concorde”…

50 years ago: January 1964

In January of 1964, only six years after Kilby’s invention of the integrated circuit, it was clear that microelectronics were here to stay, and were rapidly changing the shape of the electronics industry. In the Editorial in the January 1964 issue, Editor Sam Marshall writes that estimates for the market for microelectronics in 1964 “vary between 25 and 50 million dollars.” In 2013, the market exceeded $300 billion.

Is It Time for A Roadmap for Equipment and Materials?

There is plenty of information that a savvy supplier can pull from the ITRS about what technology is needed and what the market demand might look like. But it’s time to take it to the next step.

Challenges of 10nm and 7nm CMOS at IEDM

Process technology (including litho) and process integration remains the most critical factor in determining success moving forward.

Countdown to The ConFab 2014

We had our second conference call yesterday with advisory board of The ConFab (a special thanks to Lori Nye of Brewer Science who called in from Japan at 2:00 am her time. Above and Beyond the call of dutry!). The…

IEDM’s special focus session highlights diverse challenge

A special session at IEDM will feature presentations on many of today’s hot topics: memory, LEDs, silicon photonics, interposers, SOI finFETS and 450mm.

Progress in Intrachip Optical Interconnects and Silicon Photonics

In a keynote talk at The ConFab earlier this year, Samsung exec Yoon Woo (Y.W.) Lee. predicted that optical interconnects would soon be required.

SST’s Editorial Calendar for 2014 is Out

The editorial mission remains that same: we’re dedicated to covering mainstream semiconductor manufacturing technology, with a strong focus on transistors, interconnects and packaging.

Should lifetime of EUV optics be a concern?

It’s well known that EUV adoption is running later than hoped, mostly due to inadequate source power (although ASML and Cymer say they are on track to provide workable solutions and imec says it’s on track for the 10nm node).…

What’s down the road for bulk FinFETs

For the 10nm node and beyond, transistor research efforts are focused on high mobility designs with Ge and III-V channel, reducing VDD supply voltage as well as the subthreshold slope in transistors and optimizing multi-Vt designs.