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Trillion Dollar Chip Industry Seen at SEMI ISS

The semiconductor industry is entering a “supercycle” as 5G, IoT, AI data analysis converge.

Outlook for 2021: Executive Viewpoints

Each year, Semiconductor Digest turns to industry leaders and analysts to get their viewpoints on what they expect to see in the coming year in terms of critical tech and business trends.

A Better Normal

Tom Caulfield, CEO of GlobalFoundries, speaking at the virtual Global Technology Conference 2020 China, outlined three megatrends that are essential to accelerating the world’s digital future.

Tips on Becoming a Debugging Wizard

One reason developers spend so much time on this task is a lack of understanding of how to maximize their use of debugging tools.

Low-Power Radar Chip Enables Devices to Sense Vital Signs

A radar sensor operating at 60 GHz can detect small motions with high range resolution. Thanks to chip technology and a phenomenal reduction in power consumption, these radar sensors are becoming ready for the next big step: integration into tiny, battery-powered devices. This enables a range of smart health applications, from contactless heartbeat sensors to non-invasive fall detection systems.

No Security, No Safety

In a new webinar, Winbond’s Hung-Wei Chen provided an overview of today’s top cybersecurity threats and regulations, and detailed the company’s TrustME solutions for flash memory.

Semiconductor Manufacturing in the U.S.

In the middle of an ongoing pandemic and global trade war, the U.S. is looking to boost domestic semiconductor manufacturing capabilities.

Partially Hindered by the Pandemic, the MEMS Industry Could Emerge Stronger

Expect mixed effects in the 2020 MEMS market, followed by growth in the longer term.

Status of the Advanced Packaging Industry

Revolutionary changes are happening in the advanced semiconductor packaging industry.

Amid COVID-19 and Trade War, China Continues to Advance Its Semiconductor Memory Industry

Amid escalating trade tensions with the West, the process of building a self-sufficient semiconductor ecosystem in China has strongly accelerated. Chinese players are starting to threaten the market’s equilibrium and could trigger profound changes in the memory business.