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ZVEI Robustness Validation Process for Assessing Semiconductor IC Mission Profiles

The need to change reliability assessment methods of semiconductor ICs in extended power-on automotive applications

Annual Revenue Growth to Skyrocket Among Top 25

Big gains in artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G infrastructure provide strong boost to sales growth at AMD, MediaTek, Nvidia, and Qualcomm this year; declines for Intel and Sony.

Europe’s Urgent Need to Invest in a Leading Semiconductor Ecosystem

Today’s chip shortage has put a spotlight on the degree to which the European economy depends on semiconductors. With limited local production capability and capacity, Europe risks its technological sovereignty and needs to correct course to maintain long-term competitiveness.

After Strong Gains, DRAM Prices Expected To Retreat in 4Q21

DRAM buyers cautious about placing significant orders; opting instead to keep inventory in check.

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Q3 Global Semiconductor Sales Increase 27.6% Year-to-Year

More semiconductor units shipped in third quarter of 2021 than during any quarter in market’s history, as industry ramps up production amid chip shortage.

Surges Seen in Sensors and Discrete Semiconductors This Year

Tight supplies drive up prices and sales of many widely used parts in these market segments, but moderate growth in CMOS image sensors holds back upswing in optoelectronics, says Update.

Maximizing Protection of Flip Chip Interconnects

NCP and NCF property and process optimization deliver high-reliability results.

Ceramics/SiC Market Expected to Reach US $2.00B

TECHCET announced that the 2021 worldwide ceramics parts market for fabricated ceramic parts is expected to reach US$2.00B, growing 37+% from 2020, driven by semiconductor production growth and spending on new fab equipment.

Video Compression on Display Interfaces Enables Next-Generation Display Applications

There are proven, visually lossless video compression technologies to consider when designing systems that will support future displays. Two of these, VESA DSC and VDC-M, are integrated with MIPI DSI-2, the most widely adopted embedded display interface used in mobile, AR/VR, automotive and other industries.

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