Brewer Science Expands Printed Electronics Service Capabilities for Growing Market

Brewer Science, Inc. (BSI) today announced the expansion of its printed electronics program to incorporate service capabilities. These new services are categorized into three major core competencies: printing, electronics and software The new offerings will enable customers to take full advantage of BSI’s core competencies and expertise in printed electronics sensor systems for a variety of applications. Printing Services BSI has a wide range of printing capabilities for flexible-hybrid electronics (FHE)…

Power Transistors to Hit Another Sales Record After Growth Bubble Ends

Following two years of shortages, strong unit demand, and higher prices, the power transistor market will ease back from double-digit increases to more-normal growth in 2019, says new O-S-D Report.

Flexible Generators Turn Movement Into Energy

Rice University’s laser-induced graphene nanogenerators could power future wearables.

Remaining Switched On To Silicon-Based Electronics

The difficulty of further increasing the power conversion efficiency of silicon-based components in power electronics…

New Mechanism Allows Lower Energy Requirement for OLED Displays

Scientists from RIKEN and the University of California San Diego, in collaboration with international partners have found a way to significantly reduce the amount of energy required by organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs).

Ultra-Clean Fabrication Platform Produces Nearly Ideal 2D Transistors

Columbia engineers develop a clean, damage-free fabrication process that creates pristine transistors made from 2D material stacks. Testing additional content. Testing additional content. Testing additional content.

Octopus-Inspired Wearable Sensor

A team of researchers reports the development of a graphene-based adhesive biosensor inspired by octopus “suckers.”

TSI Introduces New AeroTrak-Plus Remote Airborne Particle Counters

TSI (Shoreview, MN) has introduced a new range of AeroTrak®+ Remote Airborne Particle Counters (APCs)…

CEA-Leti and Silvaco Team Up on Yield-Prediction Project For Ultra-Low-Power Static Memories

Leti, a research institute of CEA-Tech, and Silvaco Inc., a global provider of software, IP…

Big Energy Savings For Tiny Machines

Inside all of us are trillions of tiny molecular nanomachines that perform a variety of…

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