Sustainability Through Collaboration

Sustainable Manufacturing

Regular followers of this blog will notice a shift in focus with this post. For the last year or so we have covered issues related to service and support for vacuum and abatement systems that enable semiconductor processes. With this post we will shift our focus to the more general topic of sustainability in semiconductor manufacturing.

Driving Fab Performance Metrics from the Sub-Fab to the Cleanroom

By Alan Ifould This is the 10th post to this blog in a year where change has been an overriding theme.

Shaping the Future Innovations of Maintenance – Part 2: Connecting the Creativity of Humans

By Alan Ifould In our last post to this blog, we described Edwards’ service maturity model*, which establishes a framework for understanding the service and support approaches most appropriate for customers based on their position within an evolutionary hierarchy that goes from run-to-fail to preventative, predictive, and, ultimately, prescriptive maintenance models.

Shaping the Future Innovations in Maintenance – Part 1

By Alan Ifould At a time of renewed focus on digital transformation, business leaders are seeing just how importantoperational resilience is when meeting performance objectives. Fast and flexible operations from the clean room to the subfab are propelling customers ambitious growth targets, but how are customers navigating this landscape of change and where remains the unlocked potential?

Developing People and Skills to Bring Vacuum and Abatement Domain Knowledge to the Forefront of Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes

By Alan Ifould This post looks at how we train and motivate people to strive for excellence in their own environment and in collaboration with others, drawing heavily on insights from Richard Swayne, Head of Training and Development at Edwards.

Data Sharing Across the Fab And the Cost of Inaction

By Alan Ifould Data collection and analysis, more specifically, turning data into useful information and actionable insight, is the necessary foundation for any progress toward the benefits promised by Smart Manufacturing and Industrie 4.0.

Cleanroom vs the Sub-fab and the 5 Key Reasons to Align

By Alan Ifould, Edwards Vacuum Edwards is uniquely positioned to understand the differences between the cleanroom and sub-fab.

The Circular Economy: 3 Ways to Drive Business Value

By Alan Ifould, Edwards Vacuum Obvious benefits accrue to the environment and society from the adoption of a circular economic model that reduces waste and conserves energy, but that model will not be embraced by businesses until stakeholders become aware of the tangible benefits the approach can deliver.

Managing and Influencing Sub-Fab Safety – Developing a Culture of Safety

By Alan Ifould, Edwards Vacuum In a recent webcast at SESHA 2020, the high-tech industry’s international environmental, health, and safety association, Alan Ifould, with input from Richard Meredith, Edwards’ senior manager for safety, health, and environment, explored several scenarios for driving continual improvement in sub-fab safety.

Redefining the Semiconductor SubFab

By Alan Ifould, Head of Marketing, Operational Excellence, Edwards Vacuum Smart manufacturing and Industrie 4.0 are hot topics right now. Most agree they are the future and they are everywhere … but what do they really mean and what in the world is everyone so excited about?!

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