Sustainability Through Collaboration

Data Sharing Across the Fab And the Cost of Inaction

By Alan Ifould Data collection and analysis, more specifically, turning data into useful information and actionable insight, is the necessary foundation for any progress toward the benefits promised by Smart Manufacturing and Industrie 4.0.

Cleanroom vs the Sub-fab and the 5 Key Reasons to Align

By Alan Ifould, Edwards Vacuum Edwards is uniquely positioned to understand the differences between the cleanroom and sub-fab.

The Circular Economy: 3 Ways to Drive Business Value

By Alan Ifould, Edwards Vacuum Obvious benefits accrue to the environment and society from the adoption of a circular economic model that reduces waste and conserves energy, but that model will not be embraced by businesses until stakeholders become aware of the tangible benefits the approach can deliver.

Managing and Influencing Sub-Fab Safety – Developing a Culture of Safety

By Alan Ifould, Edwards Vacuum In a recent webcast at SESHA 2020, the high-tech industry’s international environmental, health, and safety association, Alan Ifould, with input from Richard Meredith, Edwards’ senior manager for safety, health, and environment, explored several scenarios for driving continual improvement in sub-fab safety.

Redefining the Semiconductor SubFab

By Alan Ifould, Head of Marketing, Operational Excellence, Edwards Vacuum Smart manufacturing and Industrie 4.0 are hot topics right now. Most agree they are the future and they are everywhere … but what do they really mean and what in the world is everyone so excited about?!

COVID 19 Challenges and the New Normal for Sub-fab Support

By Alan Ifould, Global Market Sector Manager, Semiconductor Services, Edwards Ltd. The COVID-19 pandemic remains front and centre of everyone’s mind as we continue to learn about its human and economic impacts. There are glimmers of light as the statistics turn positive in the regions where stringent measures were first adopted. We are collectively discovering what works and what does not work to protect our people while maintaining business activity.…

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