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Mission accomplished. Now what?

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  1. Jayna Sheats says:

    The answer to the question in the last (actually next to last) paragraph is already in the statement in the first (ok, third). if 1M+ transistors cost less than a penny, how many do the number required to effect a wireless sensor cost?

    The technical problem is in the packaging, for which Terepac has developed the solution (and it is not potato chip bag printing, which is not nearly as cheap as that 1Mb of memory). There is also a business problem, however: not even RFID tags (much simpler and potentially cheaper than wireless sensors) are selling for a penny each, because unless one makes trillions of them annually, the business is not there by today’s standards (a $1M annual revenue is not catching anyone’s attention). So there has to be a growth route from millions of devices to the trillions. That is by far the more complex problem.