Graphene Solid State Devices: What Does the Future Hold?

The integration of graphene into the semiconductor industry requires a deep understanding of how this material behaves, how to manipulate it in a fabrication environment and how to employ existing processes to maximise the unique properties of graphene.

New Drivers Propelling Semis, Equipment, IP

The shortage of semiconductors won’t be easy to solve, with some equipment lead times stretching out several years, said VLSI Research CEO Dan Hutcheson at a SEMI event.

Trillion Dollar Chip Industry Seen at SEMI ISS

The semiconductor industry is entering a “supercycle” as 5G, IoT, AI data analysis converge.

SerDes Designs: Keeping Pace with a Demanding Network Environment

As speed, signal integrity and test boundaries are pushed, cycles of architectural changes and new levels of design innovation for the SerDes chip are only a few of the challenges.

Executive Viewpoints: 2020 Outlook

Each year, Semiconductor Digest turns to industry leaders to hear viewpoints on the technological and economic outlook for the upcoming year. Read through these expert opinions on what to expect in 2020.

The ConFab Preview

The agenda is set for The ConFab, to be held May 14-17, 2017 in San Diego at the iconic Hotel del Coronado.

IoT, Healthcare and 5G to Drive RF and Microwave

Industry trends to the Internet of Things, advanced healthcare and 5G are good news for everyone involved in technologies associated with RF, microwave, millimeter wave, and THz frequencies, many of whom will be attending “Microwave Week” in Phoenix, May 17-22.