ISS: 2020 Outlook for EUV

At SEMI’s 2020 Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS), held January 12-15th at Half Moon Bay in California, Marco Pieters, Vice President, EUV Product Marketing, ASML provided a status report on EUV’s acceptance in high volume manufacturing and an update on progress toward the company’s next-gen high NA tool.

EUVL Masks may need to be Tool-Specific

Extreme Ultra-Violet Lithography (EUVL) keeps hurting my brain. Just when I can understand how it could be used in profitable commercial high-volume manufacturing (HVM) I hear something that seriously strains my brain. First it was the mirrors and mask in…

Reliable ICs from unreliable devices

In an article published in the most recent issue of imec’s online magazine ( titled “Chips must learn how to feel pain and how to cure themselves,” researchers Francky Chatthoor and Guido Groeseneken discuss how to build reliable “5nm-node” ICs…