How Can a Digital Twin Help Semiconductor Systems Design?

A digital twin is a virtual, extremely detailed version of a physical asset. People create them as single components and all the way up to entire factories. Doing so can let them see the impact of certain decisions before moving ahead with them in real life.

2020: Never This Slow Again

“Change has never been this fast and it will never be this slow again,” said SEMI’s Dave Anderson, speaking at ISS earlier this month. I summarized five of the talks that I found most interesting.

Batteries? We don’t need no stinking batteries.

We’re still used to thinking that low-power chips for “mobile” or “Internet-of-Things (IoT)” applications will be battery powered…but the near ubiquity of lithium-ion cells powering batteries could be threatened by capacitors and energy-harvesting circuits connected to photovoltaic/thermoelectric/piezoelectric micro-power sources. At…

Don’t Hack My Light Bulb, Bro

Many people believe that the lowly light bulb might be how the IoT makes it’s way into your home. Even at the light bulb level, security is going to be critical.