Smart Mobility, Despite Challenges, to Drive Industry’s Growth

Dogged by controversy, smart mobility faces technical, regulatory challenges, experts said at a Smart Mobility panel at 2022 SEMICON West.

ZVEI Robustness Validation Process for Assessing Semiconductor IC Mission Profiles

The need to change reliability assessment methods of semiconductor ICs in extended power-on automotive applications

Edge AI Computing Advancements Driving Autonomous Vehicle Potential

Autonomous driving systems are extremely complex; they tightly integrate many technologies, including sensing, localization, perception, decision making, as well as the smooth interactions with cloud platforms for high-definition (HD) map generation and data storage.

A Collaborative Approach for Automotive Electronics

Collaboration along the supply chain, focused on common issues that emerge out of the dynamic electronics market and changing automotive ecosystem, will identify and drive improvements in the interest of the whole supply chain.

Accelerating AI-Defined Cars

Expect to see a convergence of edge computing, machine vision and 5G-connected vehicles.

Pixel LED Headlights: High Definition Technology Enables New Driving Experiences

LEDS serve as the key technology for the attractive styling of headlights and definition of brand signatures.