Smart Mobility, Despite Challenges, to Drive Industry’s Growth

Dogged by controversy, smart mobility faces technical, regulatory challenges, experts said at a Smart Mobility panel at 2022 SEMICON West.

ZVEI Robustness Validation Process for Assessing Semiconductor IC Mission Profiles

The need to change reliability assessment methods of semiconductor ICs in extended power-on automotive applications

How Can a Digital Twin Help Semiconductor Systems Design?

A digital twin is a virtual, extremely detailed version of a physical asset. People create them as single components and all the way up to entire factories. Doing so can let them see the impact of certain decisions before moving ahead with them in real life.

ISS: The 2020 Outlook for Consumer Electronics

At SEMI’s 2020 Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS), held January 12-15th at Half Moon Bay in California, Shawn DuBravac, CEO, Avrio Institute, gave his insights on major trends in consumer electronics, with specific examples from the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES).