Accelerating AI-Defined Cars

Expect to see a convergence of edge computing, machine vision and 5G-connected vehicles.

LiDAR Laser Circuit Optimization and Measurement

A method of measurement is described that provides the necessary feedback to correctly evaluate laser diode and driver performance and changes in spectral response with temperature simultaneously.

Why AIoT is an Essential Element of Continued Technological Innovation

We’re taking a multiplicity of small steps towards a future where AIoT will be deployed widely, in our cars, cities, factories, and stores — and throughout our lives, for the better.

Pixel LED Headlights: High Definition Technology Enables New Driving Experiences

LEDS serve as the key technology for the attractive styling of headlights and definition of brand signatures.

ISS: The 2020 Outlook for Consumer Electronics

At SEMI’s 2020 Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS), held January 12-15th at Half Moon Bay in California, Shawn DuBravac, CEO, Avrio Institute, gave his insights on major trends in consumer electronics, with specific examples from the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

MEMS Mirrors for LIDAR

Clever integration of new microelectronic/nanoelectronic technologies will continue to provide increased functionalities for modern products. Light Imaging, Detection, And Ranging (LIDAR) technology uses lasers to see though fog and darkness, and smaller less expensive LIDAR systems are needed for autonomous…