The Metaverse – From Science-Fiction to Parallel Reality

With the further development of the Metaverse, smart wearable devices such as VR headsets will have an increasing demand for high-bandwidth memory.

Amid COVID-19 and Trade War, China Continues to Advance Its Semiconductor Memory Industry

Amid escalating trade tensions with the West, the process of building a self-sufficient semiconductor ecosystem in China has strongly accelerated. Chinese players are starting to threaten the market’s equilibrium and could trigger profound changes in the memory business.

How COVID-19 is Impacting the Memory Industry

Heading into 2020 both the DRAM and NAND industries were projected to have turn-around years after suffering through much of 2018 and 2019. However, with the global lockdown triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic the outlook for the industry has changed considerably, and not all the change is for the worse. In this article we explore the impact on memory demand, how suppliers are expected to react to the pandemic, and the likely impact to pricing over the near-to-midterm.

ISS: The 2020 Market Outlook

At SEMI’s 2020 Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS), held January 12-15th at Half Moon Bay in California, Bob Johnson, vice president, Gartner, talked about the challenges ahead in the semiconductor market.

Mott Memristor Chaos could make Efficient AI

Congratulations to Suhas Kumar, John Paul Strachan, and R. Stanley Williams of Hewlett Packard Labs in Palo Alto for showing not just how to make a Mott memristor, but that you can create controlled chaos with one. “We showed that…

PCM + ReRAM = OUM as XPoint

The good people at TECHINSIGHTS have reverse-engineered an Intel “Optane” SSD to cross-section the XPoint cells within (, so we have confirmation that the devices use chalcogenide glasses for both the switching layer and the selector diode. That the latter…

XMC becomes YRST or Changjiang Storage

As reported by Digitimes, a major enterprise in Wuhan, China has broken ground on the first of three mega-fabs to produce 3D-NAND chips. The final fab name-plate may ultimately read XMC or YMTC or YRST or possibly Changjiang Storage (not…

3D XPoint uses PCM Material in ReRAM Device

IM Flash pre-announced “3D XPoint”(TM) memory for release later this year, and lack of details has led to widespread confusion regarding what it is. EETimes has reported that, “Chalcogenide material and an Ovonyx switch are magic parts of this technology…

Cross-point ReRAM Integration Claimed by Intel/Micron

The Intel/Micron joint-venture now claims to have successfully integrated a Resistive-RAM (ReRAM) made with an unannounced material in a cross-point architecture, switching using an undisclosed mechanism. Pilot production wafers are supposed to be moving through the Lehi fab, and samples…

Ferromagnetic Room Temperature Switching

Bismuth-ferrite could make spin-valves that use 1/10th the power of STT A research team led by folks at Cornel University (along with University of California, Berkeley; Tsinghua University; and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich) have discovered how to…