Three Trends Shaping the Future of EDA

As more systems companies move to design their own chips and electronic products, what are the key EDA trends impacting the pace of innovation?

ZVEI Robustness Validation Process for Assessing Semiconductor IC Mission Profiles

The need to change reliability assessment methods of semiconductor ICs in extended power-on automotive applications

A Collaborative Approach for Automotive Electronics

Collaboration along the supply chain, focused on common issues that emerge out of the dynamic electronics market and changing automotive ecosystem, will identify and drive improvements in the interest of the whole supply chain.

Reliable ICs from unreliable devices

In an article published in the most recent issue of imec’s online magazine ( titled “Chips must learn how to feel pain and how to cure themselves,” researchers Francky Chatthoor and Guido Groeseneken discuss how to build reliable “5nm-node” ICs…