Wednesday, October 14, 2020
10:00 PM Pacific / 1:00 PM Eastern
Live Webcast


A Shock to the System            

Let’s think about this, how can we move away from stainless steel to PFA materials for transporting process fluids?  Will this change really make a difference in moving high-purity material that is required of advanced node technology? What about Electrostatic discharge?

Increasing requirements for material and chemical purity have encouraged semiconductor fabs to move away from stainless steel to PFA material for transporting process fluids.

  • What impact is this move having on handling the high-purity materials required in advanced node technology?
  • What are the safety risks of static charge generation, accumulation, and harmful electrostatic discharge (ESD)?

In this webinar, Steve Fischer, Product Manager, Dave Kemkes, Product Manager, and Mark Caulfield, Sr. Manager of Technology, will share their tightly held knowledge to address these questions and introduce Entegris’ fully conductive PFA fluid handling system that is making a difference in preventing electrostatic charge buildup, including:

  • FluoroLine® Plus ESD tubing
  • PrimeLock® ESD fittings
  • PrimeLock ESD fitting grounding straps

As experts in this area, please join the conversation of how to prevent Electrostatic Discharge in Fluid Handling Systems on October 14th @ 1 pm EST.

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