HEIDENHAIN’s New MULTI-DOF Encoders Do More For Metrology Designs in Machining

With the release of new MULTI Degrees-of-Freedom (MULTI-DOF) encoders, HEIDENHAIN offers machine manufacturers a better way to implement metrology designs to obtain multiple measurements simultaneously and facilitate correcting deviations on the fly.

SMC 2021 to Highlight Semiconductor Materials Powering Future Technology Innovation

With advanced materials a critical enabler of semiconductor growth applications, the stage is set for Strategic Materials Conference (SMC 2021), the premier event offering the latest market insights into drivers of advanced materials in the microelectronics supply chain.

Journey to SEMICON Taiwan 2021 Kicks Off in September With Five Online Forums Covering Key Semiconductor Industry Themes

The journey to SEMICON Taiwan 2021 begins in September with five live online forums featuring expert insights into critical semiconductor industry areas – Power and Opto chips, Smart Manufacturing, Sustainable Manufacturing, Smart Medtech and Cybersecurity.

Transphorm Announces the Close of JV Transaction for Acquisition of AFSW Wafer-Fab

Transphorm, Inc. announced today the close of the transaction for the acquisition of 100% interest in the Company’s AFSW wafer-fab facility by GaNovation, Transphorm’s recent joint venture with Palo Alto-based JCP Capital, a new strategic-financial partner.

Heterogeneous Epitaxy of Semiconductors Targeting the Post-Moore Era

A research team led by Prof. LIU Zhiqiang from the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with the team led by Prof. GAO Peng from Peking University and the team led by Prof. LIU Zhongfan from Beijing Graphene Institute (BGI), recently realized the concept of “heterogeneous epitaxy” via a van der Walls strategy, a type of nonsymmetrical epitaxy process.

New Material Offers Ecofriendly Solution to Converting Waste Heat into Energy

A team of scientists from Northwestern University and Seoul National University in Korea now has demonstrated a high-performing thermoelectric material in a practical form that can be used in device development.

In-line Airborne Particle Sensing – A Streamlined Contamination Solution for Cleanroom Environments

The IPS relieves pains of traditional monitoring methods while simultaneously increasing tool time and improving yields.

IC Insights Forecasts a 21% Surge in IC Unit Shipments This Year

A 21% jump would be the largest increase in IC unit shipments since the boom year of 2010.

Merck Launches New Green Solvents for Photoresist Removal in Chip Production

Merck today announced the launch of a new line of complementary green solvents for use in photolithographic processes in semiconductor manufacturing.

CVD Completes the Sale of its 555 North Research Place Facility

CVD Equipment Corporation today announced it closed on the sale of its facility located at 555 North Research Place, Central Islip, New York for the purchase price of $24,360,000.

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