Strategic Materials Conference 2020 Goes Virtual to Highlight Materials on Cutting Edge of Technology Innovation

With advanced materials a critical enabler of semiconductor growth applications, the stage is set for Strategic Materials Conference (SMC 2020), the premier event offering the latest market insights into drivers of advanced materials in the microelectronics supply chain.

Intel Makes Changes to Technology Organization

Today, Intel CEO Bob Swan announced changes to the company’s technology organization and executive team to accelerate product leadership and improve focus and accountability in process technology execution.

North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts June 2020 Billings

North America-based manufacturers of semiconductor equipment posted $2.32 billion in billings worldwide in June 2020 (three-month average basis), according to the June Equipment Market Data Subscription (EMDS) Billings Report published today by SEMI.

Edwards Vacuum Advanced Fab Robot Wins Best of West Award at Virtual SEMICON West 2020

The Edwards Service Vehicle X (ESV-X) concept automated mobile robot (AMR) – a reimagining of the semiconductor environment that features groundbreaking ground-up lifting and self-loading capabilities – today won the Best of West Award at the Virtual SEMICON West 2020.

‘Standards Response’ to the Rescue: How Industry Specs Are Helping the Chip Industry Survive COVID

Announced today at SEMICON West 2020,when work around the world ground to a halt as humans sought to stop coronavirus, an unsurprising “essential” segment of the global economy proved capable of proceeding apace, keeping people employed and technology moving ahead.

SEMICON West 2020: Building Global Balance in Technology Manufacturing

COVID-19 has illustrated for all of us how fragile the technology supply chain is and can become due to a virus. The risk is similar if we have a natural disaster or a trade war or another action that can disrupt how our world runs.

SEMI Announces Election and Re-Election of Board Members

SEMI today announced at SEMICON West 2020 the election of Jinrong Zhao, Chairman of the Board, NAURA Technology Group, as a new member of the SEMI International Board.

Virtual SEMICON West 2020 Opens with Keynote Speakers, Smart Tech, Workforce Development in Spotlight

SEMICON West 2020 opens today in virtual format for the first time with more than 200 industry leaders, visionaries and technology experts gathered for four days of insights into the latest trends, innovations and developments across the microelectronics supply chain.

“A Prescription for Recovery” Introduced at Virtual SEMICON West News and Views Media Conference

Four briefings to present industry and government forecasts, economic opportunities for microelectronics markets, July 21. Answering these questions and more — tune in to find out: How semiconductor factories globally have been enabled during the pandemic to maintain full production with minimal staff, and how new standards are in development to withstand the next pandemic or crisis
What are the semiconductor equipment companies forecasting for 2H20 and 2021 sales
Is seeing still believing? How technologies and practices enabled by the semiconductorindustry can help to counter malicious disinformation campaigns
Where is U.S. government proposing to invest billions of dollars for semiconductors…

Technological Advancements Adding New Feathers of Growth to Electronic Health Records Market

The advantages stitched to the electronic health records such as improved precision and extraordinary efficiency may bring transformational growth for the electronic health records market during the forecast period of 2017-2025. Furthermore, the growing threat of SARS-CoV-2 is anticipated to add extra stars of growth to the electronic health records market.

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