Live Demo: Semiconductor Open Platform Development and Data Analysis in Action

Originally held on March 28, 2023
Now available for On Demand viewing


In a world where semiconductor chip production is increasingly complex, data becomes much more useful when it can be collected and analyzed on a single platform. In this live demo, Yuji Minegishi and Jacob Strock of Gigaphoton will explain the benefit of the Fabscape open platform and demonstrate how simple it is to go from a blank slate to robust data visualization. Developers, chip manufacturers, and equipment vendors alike will see what is possible when developing solutions and visualizing data on the Fabscape platform.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to create a driver to collect data
  • How to utilize the collected data
  • How to visualize and analyze data
  • How to access the free Fabscape Open Platform Toolkit

Presented by:

Yuji Minegishi
General Manager
Gigaphoton, Inc.

About the Presenter:

Yuji Minegishi is the General Manager at Gigaphoton Inc., a manufacturer of light sources for semiconductor lithography processes. He is responsible for the company’s Digital Transformation Department where he leads the engineering and development efforts responsible for launching Fabscape®, one of the semiconductor industry’s first truly open software platforms for developing manufacturing factory equipment monitoring, maintenance, and data analysis applications.

Jacob Strock
Data Scientiest
DX Department, Gigaphoton, Inc.

About the Presenter:

Jacob Strock is a Data Scientist in Gigaphoton’s DX Department. He earned his M.S. degree in statistics from the University of Rhode Island and possesses an IBM AI Engineer Certification. His specialties include Bayesian statistics, machine learning, and time series. Recent projects include forecasting multidecadal environmental time series, detecting anomalies in flow cytometric instruments with unsupervised learning, and predicting hospitalized COVID patient outcome with time-to-event and classification models. He resides in Coventry, Rhode Island.

Moderated by:

Pete Singer
Semiconductor Digest

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About Fabscape:

Fabscape is the premier open platform for vendor-independent data monitoring, management, and analytics across the entire production line. It was built by real semiconductor industry experts to solve real industry problems. Created by Gigaphoton, the intention is for the Fabscape platform to be owned by the industry.

About Gigaphoton:

Since it was founded in 2000, Gigaphoton has delivered valuable solutions to semiconductor manufacturers throughout the world as a manufacturer of light sources and equipment analytics software. In every stage from R&D to manufacturing, sales, and maintenance services, Gigaphoton is committed to providing world-class support delivered from the perspective of everyday users.

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Media Contact:

Yuji Minegishi
Gigaphoton Inc.