AI Analytics Fast Tracks Continuous Improvement in Semiconductor Sub-fab

Originally held on June 29, 2023
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Digital transformation technologies enable intelligent pumps to transform sub-fab performance.  

Intelligent pumps powered by an AI platform is optimizing sub-fab performance and providing new insights and fewer downtime events.  In this webinar, vacuum pump leader, Pfeiffer Vacuum Technologies, discusses how intelligent pumps powered by AI equipment health monitoring, anomaly detection and predictive maintenance technologies improves the health and performance of critical equipment and other assets in the sub-fab and positively impacts cleanroom performance.

In this 60-minute webinar, Jean-Baptiste Cholat, Director of Business Development, and  Pierrick Loubier, VP R&D Innovation, will demonstrate how analytics technologies helps engineers guard against issues that harm yield, helping to predict production and equipment issues before they occur. This not only eliminates equipment downtime, but also increases quality, reduces servicing costs and extends the life of equipment. These new digital transformation technologies create actionable insights into the health of factory assets leading to continuous improvement throughout the sub-fab, and eliminating equipment downtime.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to eliminate unexpected downtime, and greatly reduce the number of costly, unscheduled maintenance events.
  • Understand how to optimize pump performance to reduce costs and events that disrupt chamber performance.
  • Learn how advanced digital technologies can help mitigate risk to production and yield loss.
  • How to build a knowledge base that delivers optimization, insights, and fewer downtime events in the sub-fab.

The webinar will demonstrate how AI analytics performs real-time fault detection, and offers industry leading, advanced predictive analytics that estimates when equipment will fail.  Even providing remaining useful life (RUL) predictions that then connects seamlessly to existing maintenance management systems to automatically create a work order including parts ordering and maintenance scheduling.  The result: elimination of downtime, a vast reduction in maintenance costs while extending the life of the asset.

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Presented by:

Jean-Baptiste Cholat
Innovation Business Developer
Pfeiffer Vacuum SAS

Pierrick Loubier
Head of Innovation & Common Technology
Pfeiffer Vacuum SAS


Stewart Chalmers
Chief Business Officer

Moderated by:

Pete Singer
Semiconductor Digest