Powering the Quantum Leap

The role of cryogenic wafer probing in applications such as cryogenic quantum computing and supra-conductive CMOS semiconductors, where temperatures near absolute zero are essential, is discussed.

A New Framework: Opportunities of Open Access for Optimizing Yield in Semiconductor Manufacturing

An open, secure monitoring and intelligence transaction platform would empower chip manufacturers to solve their problems and optimize their operations, their way.

Overcoming the Risks of Change Management When Adopting Digital Technology

Choosing the right 4IR technology can eliminate risk in digital adoption.

Shortages of Equipment, Design Engineers, Face Booming Semiconductor Industry

How to level the playing field with AI software engineers.

The Human Hand: Curating Good Data and Creating an Effective Deep-Learning R2R Strategy for High-Volume Manufacturing

Areas ideally suited for AI applications may be repetitive and mental labor-intensive tasks with good available data, or when analytical methods are not applicable or too difficult to find, or data interpolation.

AI, Cameras and Your Smartphone: Computing at the Edge and On the Go

An AI-powered camera using a dedicated co-processor chip with innovative deep learning algorithms can deliver a vision-based solution with unmatched performance, power efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability.

Survey: Understanding the Data-Centric Era

The Data-Centric Era is here. It demands highly flexible, high bandwidth and secure infrastructure to meet the demands of highly variable, large and diverse data. Composable infrastructure provides the flexibility, bandwidth and efficiency to meet that demand.

Edge AI Computing Advancements Driving Autonomous Vehicle Potential

Autonomous driving systems are extremely complex; they tightly integrate many technologies, including sensing, localization, perception, decision making, as well as the smooth interactions with cloud platforms for high-definition (HD) map generation and data storage.

New Insight into Two Widely Accepted Forms of Deep Learning

Experts at BrainChip offered new insights and considerations for the use of transfer learning and incremental learning in edge AI/IoT environments.

Singapore’s Five Research Pillars Outlined at SEMICON Southeast Asia

At SEMICON Southeast Asia 2021, Mr. Terence Gan, SVP, Semiconductors, Economic Development Board (EDB) of Singapore, outlined five research pillars.