Building Stronger, Better Designs with DTCO CMP Modeling and Simulation

Predicting CMP damage has always been a part of the manufacturing process, but in a Design-technology co-optimization (DTCO) flow, foundries and EDA companies can work together to automate CMP model building and simulation.

Electronic Materials Specifications and Markets

At SEMICON West this year, July 14-16 in San Francisco, the Chemical and Gas Manufacturers Group (CGMG) Committee of SEMI have organized an excellent program covering “Contamination Control in the Sub-20nm Era” to occur in the afternoon of the 14th…

CMP Slurry Trade-offs in R&D

As covered at, the CMP Users Group (of the Northern California Chapter of The American Vacuum Society) recently held a meeting in Albany, New York in collaboration with CNSE, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, and SEMATECH. Among the presentations were deep…