The Future of Semiconductor Research in the U.S.

Originally held on March 22, 2023
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World-leading physical and intellectual resources critical to the semiconductor industry ecosystem, each specializing in a specific area of the complex R&D and manufacturing processes, are spread far and wide across the United States. The National Semiconductor Technology Center can build the unifying platform that enables these innovators across the nation to work on pioneering technology that strengthen the country’s economic and national security. By rallying the ecosystem around breakthrough challenges — market-driven problems that no one entity can solve on its own — the NSTC can help lead the ecosystem towards moon shots that benefit numerous end markets and applications.  Join the webinar to learn more.

Presented by:

Raj Jammy
Chief Technologist, Advanced Technologies, MITRE Engenuity

About the Presenter:

As Chief Technologist, Dr. Raj Jammy is responsible for incubating and accelerating technologies in partnership with the private sector, and for developing strategic frameworks that promote technologies for the public good. Passionate about technology as well as building highly motivated teams, he has worked with many leading companies, start-ups and nurtured many collaborations across the globe. A seasoned semiconductor/electronics industry executive, Dr. Jammy brings 25 years of experience to his role at MITRE Engenuity.

Before joining MITRE Engenuity, Dr. Jammy was the Global President of Semiconductor Process Control Solutions (PCS) Business Unit at Carl Zeiss with additional responsibility for North America subsidiary of Carl Zeiss Semiconductor BG as President, Carl Zeiss SMT Inc. Prior to joining Zeiss, Raj was Senior Vice President and GM, Semiconductor and Emerging Technologies Business Unit at Intermolecular, a post-IPO company with proprietary combinatorial technologies and software engines. Raj served as the Vice President of Materials and Emerging Technologies at SEMATECH, a global semiconductor industry consortium, from 2008 to 2013. There, he worked with companies spanning the semiconductor ecosystem, including Intel, IBM, TSMC, GlobalFoundries, Samsung, CNSE, Qualcomm, UMC, as well as over 45 semiconductor equipment, SW, and materials suppliers. He oversaw the consortium’s efforts in front-end CMOS logic, novel memory technologies, 3D interconnects, and emerging beyond-CMOS technologies. As Chair of SEMATECH Executive Steering Council, he drove decisions on the technical programs, timing and budgets, reporting to the Board of Directors, in coordination with customer company executives. During his career, Dr. Jammy interacted extensively with senior leaders and decision makers in the global semiconductor industry value chain.

Since the start of his career at IBM’s Semiconductor Research and Development Center in 1996, Dr. Jammy has fostered many collaborative relationships not just with companies, but with universities, R&D Institutes and government agencies in the US (DARPA, IARPA, DoE, DoD, DMEA, NIST, etc.) and around the world, including Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, France, Germany, UK, and Belgium.

Raj holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University, where he conducted part of his research at DoE’s Argonne National Laboratory. He holds more than 50 US patents, and is the author/co-author of over 225 publications/presentations and keynote talks.

Moderated by:

Pete Singer

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