Global Total Semiconductor Equipment Sales On Track to Top $100 Billion in 2021 for First Time, SEMI Reports

Global sales of total semiconductor manufacturing equipment by original equipment manufacturers are forecast to reach a new high of $103 billion in 2021, surging 44.7% from the previous industry record of $71 billion in 2020, SEMI announced today.

‘Unprecedented Collaboration’ – Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary Addresses CHIPS Act and Asks for Industry Coordination

Deputy Secretary Don Graves of the U.S. Department of Commerce joined SEMI President Ajit Manocha on the keynote stage Tuesday morning to share the current status of the CHIPS Act, as well as address the current struggles of the chip supply chain.

What’s in the December Issue?

Each issue of Semiconductor Digest has articles found only in the magazine! Read the December issue online here or stop by booth 244 at SEMICON West, December 7 – 9, to pick up a printed copy.

SEMICON West 2021 Hybrid Opens Tomorrow In Person with Livestreamed Keynotes, Virtual Program, Automated Matchmaking, Video Chats

SEMICON West, North America’s premier microelectronics exhibition and conference, opens tomorrow with more than 150 industry visionaries and leaders from the semiconductor ecosystem, academia and government gathering for on-site keynotes, fireside chats, and executive panels on the latest microelectronics developments, trends and innovations.

CEOs of Chip, Auto, Medical Device, Tech, Telecom, Other Companies Call on Congress to Strengthen U.S. Semiconductor Research, Design, Manufacturing

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) today applauded a letter sent this morning to congressional leaders by a broad coalition of 59 CEOs and senior executives urging swift action to fund the CHIPS for America Act and enact a strengthened version of the FABS Act to bolster U.S.-based semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing.

Forza Integrated Production Services Achieve Practical Yields for Back Side Illumination Sensors

Forza Silicon recently used its Integrated Production Services (IPS) to enable the production of high-speed image sensors that employ back side illumination (BSI) technology.

Insights Into the Trends Driving Optical Transceiver Technology

For the past 50 years, mobile technology innovations have been rolled out each decade. Mobile bandwidth requirements have evolved from voice calls and texting to ultra-high-definition (UHD) video and a variety of augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) applications.

Getting Quantum Dots to Stop Blinking

Quantum dots, discovered in the 1990s, have a wide range of applications and are perhaps best known for producing vivid colors in some high-end televisions. But for some potential uses, such as tracking biochemical pathways of a drug as it interacts with living cells, progress has been hampered by one seemingly uncontrollable characteristic: a tendency to blink off at random intervals. That doesn’t matter when the dots are used in the aggregate, as in TV screens, but for precision applications it can be a significant drawback.

New Device Modulates Visible Light – Without Dimming It – With the Smallest Footprint and Lowest Power Consumption

Over the past several decades, researchers have moved from using electric currents to manipulating light waves in the near-infrared range for telecommunications applications such as high-speed 5G networks, biosensors on a chip, and driverless cars.

SEMICON Europa 2021 Opens Tomorrow with Executive Forum, Smart Technologies and Digital Transformation in Spotlight

SEMICON Europa 2021, Europe’s premier gathering of the entire electronics design and manufacturing supply chain, opens tomorrow for the latest insights from visionaries and industry leaders on smart technologies, digital transformation, and how the microelectronics industry can enable a secure and sustainable digital future.

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