The Society for Information Display Unveils 2024 Honors and Awards Recipients

The Society for Information Display (SID), renowned as the premier global platform for the advancement of the electronic display industry, proudly announces the recipients of its 2024 Honors and Awards.

Utilizing Palladium for Addressing Contact Issues of Buried Oxide Thin Film Transistors

A novel method that employs palladium to inject hydrogen into the deeply buried oxide-metal electrode contacts of amorphous oxide semiconductors (AOSs) storage devices, which reduces contact resistance, has been developed by scientists at Tokyo Tech.

Global Semiconductor Sales Increase 16.3% Year-to-Year in February

Year-to-year market growth in February is largest since May 2022; worldwide chip sales decrease 3.1% month-to-month.

NY CREATES and C2MI Announce Partnership

NY CREATES and MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre – C2MI today announced a partnership between the two entities that will enhance research opportunities, expand potential for economic and workforce development, and nurture collaborative efforts.

Omdia: Surge in Display Polarizer Capacity and Emerging Technologies Propelling Growth in 2024 Display Market

New data from Omdia has revealed 8% year-over-year growth in display polarizer demand is expected in 2024 which is set to drive a 2% increase in year-over-year revenue, propelled by intense price competition and substantial investments by Chinese manufacturers.

Omdia: Display Glass Industry Gears Up for Tight Supply in 2024 Amid Rising Demand and Market Shifts

Omdia’s latest Display Glass Substrate Market Tracker indicates a tight supply-demand balance is anticipated from 2Q24 to 4Q24, with the potential for a significant glass shortage in case of minor accidents or sudden order spikes.

Nvidia CEO Reiterates Solid Partnership with TSMC

One key takeaway from the ongoing GTC is that Nvidia’s AI empire has taken shape with strong partnerships from TSMC and other Taiwanese makers, such as those major server ODMs.

SEMI: 300mm Fab Equipment Spending Forecast to Reach Record $137 Billion in 2027

Global 300mm fab equipment spending for front-end facilities is forecast to reach a record US$137 billion in 2027 after topping US$100 billion for the first time by 2025.

TSMC and Synopsys Bring Breakthrough NVIDIA Computational Lithography Platform to Production

NVIDIA today announced that TSMC and Synopsys are going into production with NVIDIA’s computational lithography platform to accelerate manufacturing and push the limits of physics for the next generation of advanced semiconductor chips.

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