New York State Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul Announces Nanotronics’ New High-Tech Manufacturing Facility

Nanotronics together with New York New York State Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, announced that Nanotronics will open a high-tech manufacturing center at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, creating 190 new jobs and investing $11 million.

Penn Engineers’ New Topological Insulator Reroutes Photonic ‘Traffic’ On the Fly

Dynamic data routing could make for faster photonic chips that use their entire footprint.

CEA-Leti and Orolia Announce FlexFusion, A Powerful Positioning & Navigation Technology

Leti and Orolia today announced a new sensor-data-fusion engine that ensures resilient positioning and navigation even in cases of global navigation satellite system (GNSS) jamming or spoofing.

Called FlexFusion, the algorithm technology processes data from GNSS, inertial management units (IMU) and odometers to provide precise positioning in all conditions

SEMICON Europa: SMART MedTech Forum Focuses on Innovation, Future of Medical Technology

Cutting-edge medical technology will highlight SEMICON Europa, 12-15 November, 2019 at Messe München, in Munich, Germany, as the SMART MedTech Forum gathers industry experts for insights into the latest developments and trends in medtech innovations driven by semiconductors. The SMART MedTech Forum is Europe’s first event to foster collaboration across the semiconductor and medtech value chains. SEMICON Europa registration is open for visitors and exhibitors.

Specialize, Partner or Perish: Embrace Foundry Evolution for BioMEMS

The BioMEMS market is becoming increasingly diverse, encompassing gas and pressure sensors, ultrasound, specialized biomedical sensors, and other types of MEMS and microfluidic chips used for drug delivery and analytical applications.

Graphene Layer Enables Advance in Super-Resolution Microscopy

Researchers at the University of Göttingen have developed a new method that takes advantage of the unusual properties of graphene to electromagnetically interact with fluorescing (light-emitting) molecules. This method allows scientists to optically measure extremely small distances, in the order of 1 ångström (one ten-billionth of a meter) with high accuracy and reproducibility for the first time.

New Insulation Technique Paves The Way For More Powerful and Smaller Chips

Researchers at KU Leuven and imec have successfully developed a new technique to insulate microchips.

MEMS and Sensors Tap AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning to Boost Personalization in Biomedical, Food Supply, IoT

MSIG MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress to feature business leaders examining market opportunities, innovations and technology trends.

Teledyne Acquires Micralyne

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated announced today that its subsidiary, Teledyne Digital Imaging, Inc., has acquired Micralyne Inc.

Affordable Multiferroic Material

Important step for practical application of advanced material.

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