About Qubits and Quantum Circuits

Imec is enabling technology for quantum computing with semiconductor and superconductor-based qubits, and the design of custom circuits adapted to cryotemperatures.

A 300mm Platform for 2D-Material Based MOSFET Devices

2D materials, a family of materials that form two-dimensional crystals, promise to enable a broad range of semiconductor applications, such as selectors or back-end compatible transistors.

The History and Future of DRAM Architecture in Different Application Domains: An Analysis

Common trends and bottlenecks in DRAM architecture are identified.

EUV Lithography: Sailing Along the Stochastic Cliffs

Stochastic printing failures are random, non-repeating, isolated defects such as microbridges, locally broken lines and missing or merging contacts.

EUV Lithography: Weighing the Options for Future Logic and Memory Applications

Imec takes a great leap forward in understanding and pushing the limits of extreme ultraviolet lithography – part I

Reliable ICs from unreliable devices

In an article published in the most recent issue of imec’s online magazine (http://magazine.imec.be/) titled “Chips must learn how to feel pain and how to cure themselves,” researchers Francky Chatthoor and Guido Groeseneken discuss how to build reliable “5nm-node” ICs…

Broadening Scope of SEMICON

Once upon a time, SEMICONs were essentially just for semiconductor manufacturing business and technology, and predominantly CMOS ICs. Back when we followed public roadmaps for technology to maintain the cadence of new manufacturing nodes in support of Moore’s Law, it…

Eloquent Executives Ecosystem Expositions

#cmc,#confab,#namedropping With dimensional scaling reaching economic limits, each company in the IC fab industry must rely upon trusted connections with customers and suppliers to know which way to go, and the only way to gain trusted connections is through attending…

RFID Playing Cards “Best Product” at Printed Electronics Europe

Cartamundi, imec and Holst Centre (set up by imec and TNO) recently won the Best Product Award at Printed Electronics Europe for their ultra-thin plastic RFID technology integrated into Cartamundi’s playing cards. In each card, the RFID chip has a…

SAQP Specs for 7nm finFETs

As discussed in my last Ed’s Threads, lithography has become patterning as evidenced by first use of Self-Aligned Quadruple Patterning (SAQP) in High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) of memory chips. Meanwhile, industry R&D hub imec has been investigating use of SAQP…