The Human Hand: Curating Good Data and Creating an Effective Deep-Learning R2R Strategy for High-Volume Manufacturing

Areas ideally suited for AI applications may be repetitive and mental labor-intensive tasks with good available data, or when analytical methods are not applicable or too difficult to find, or data interpolation.

Mid-Infrared Optical Metrology for High Aspect Ratio Holes in 3D NAND Manufacturing

Infrared critical dimension metrology (IRCD) addresses the shortcomings of conventional ultraviolet to near-infrared OCD in channel hole etch high-fidelity z-profile and amorphous carbon hardmask etch BCD metrology.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Semiconductor Manufacturing: Inspection and Metrology

AI and ML have great potential in many areas of the semiconductor manufacturing process, ranging in scale from improving the performance of individual tools to managing an entire fab and optimizing the global supply chain

Onto Innovation Announces Multiple Orders to Support 5G Ramp

Onto Innovation Inc. (NYSE: ONTO) announced that it has received orders totaling 15 systems from two leaders in advanced packaging. Both customers are ramping up to support the ongoing demand for 5G smartphones which drives advanced packages requiring more precise process control solutions.