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U.S. IC Companies Maintain Global Marketshare Lead

Propelled by 51% share of IDM sales and 65% share of fabless sales, U.S. companies captured 55% of the total worldwide IC market in 2019.

“Black Swan” Event Triggers Revision to 2020 IC Market Forecast

The recent surge of the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and its anticipated negative impact on the global economy and IC market definitely fits the definition of a Black Swan event.

Room-temperature Bonded Interface Improves Cooling of Gallium Nitride Devices

A room-temperature bonding technique for integrating wide bandgap materials such as gallium nitride (GaN) with thermally conducting materials such as diamond could boost the cooling effect on GaN devices and facilitate better performance through higher power levels, longer device lifetime, improved reliability, and reduced manufacturing costs.

The Need for IoT Security At the Chip Level

A critical element to successful IoT security chips is public key infrastructure (PKI). All IoT devices with these chips require a strong identity, which will then be used for secure authentication.

EUV Materials Small But Strategic Fraction of $1.6B IC Photoresists Market

The global market for Photoresists and Ancillary Materials declined in 2019 due to semiconductor fabrication market challenges.

Transistor Count Trends Continue to Track with Moore’s Law

Though growth rates in some product categories have slowed, doubling of transistors per chip every two years remains a guideline that the industry continues to follow.

Semiconductor Units To Rebound, Exceed 1 Trillion Devices Again in 2020

Though rising 7%, total semiconductor units forecast to fall short of all-time record.

Imec Demonstrates 24nm Pitch Lines With Single Exposure EUV Lithography on ASML’s NXE:3400B Scanner

This week, at the SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference, imec and ASML announce a breakthrough in printing narrow 24 nanometer (nm) pitch lines, corresponding to the dimensions of critical back-end-of-line metal layers of a 3 nm technology node process.

Samsung Electronics Begins Mass Production at New EUV Manufacturing Line

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, today announced that its new cutting-edge semiconductor fabrication line in Hwaseong, Korea, has begun mass production.

Five Semiconductor Companies Hold 53% of Global Wafer Capacity

Leaders in memory IC and foundry production maintain strongest capacity presence.

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