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IC Industry at Heart of Possible China Takeover of Taiwan

Combined, China and Taiwan would hold about 37% of global IC capacity, almost 3x that of North America.

Chip Demand Riding High but for How Long?

TECHCET warns of possible bull-whip effect from the 2020-2021 steep chip growth. A key factor that may ease any sudden inventory correction is limited materials capacity.

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Chip M&A Deals Reach $22 Billion in First Eight Months of 2021

After a record-high start in 1Q21, semiconductor merger and acquisition announcements cool off a bit without the “megadeals” seen in 2020, says new update report.

Panel-Level Heterogeneous Integration Technology for Analog ICs

Micro-transfer printing, a massively parallel pick-and-place process, may be used to produce HI analog ICs comprised of large arrays of ultra-thin separately manufactured components interconnected using redistribution layer technology.

Foundry Market Tracking Toward Record-Tying 23% Growth in 2021

Application processors for 5G smartphones, networking and data center processors drive growth at leading edge but demand seen across all segments.

Time-Resolved, In-Line Airborne Particle Sensing

IPS and wireless wafer/reticle format counters can detect particulate contamination events exactly when and where they occur, with results available in real-time, or stored for later analysis.

Sputter Targets & Metals Demand Met with COVID-impacted Lead-times and Costs

Delivery lead-times lengthening and costs spike as Targets Revenues push ahead 8.5% to US$740 Million.

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3Q21 Earnings Outlooks Bode Well for Most Leading Semi Suppliers

IC Insights’ recently released its compilation of third-quarter sales growth expectations for the top-25 semiconductor…

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