Pat Gelsinger Takes us on a Trip Down Memory Lane – and a Look Ahead: Part 1

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  1. Vasudevarao Vadoothker says:

    It is great evolution since invention of transistor. The point of my stress is , how to make intelligent computer from on – off. The number and logic is important items. The number does not require chemistry, 29867 is correct, similarly any combination is correct. Where Asim language, only limited combinations are correct,it is impossible to make language machine. Please do take neural network of language learning. Just like number machine, same eliminating ungrammatical combinations without statistical filters. In number system value, by virtue of position is taken, similarly, the language fundamental unit, character is taken. The character by virtue of position poses, taxonomic semantic information. That is burn converted into binary. This is possible with only Sanskrit language.
    The advantage is user friendly, it is mass heterogeneous computation and numerical computing is done with language. Much can be written this is only introduction.