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  1. Rajeev says:

    Be cautious Dr. Choi:

    Based on pure mathematical modelling I can postulate a theory which will predict a uncontrolled Quantum Tunnelling information shift paradox. If the chip crosses a critical number of lepton transfusion moment, number of lepton controlled active site (transistor) and number of silicon atom and volume then we predict a Quantum Tunnelling information shift paradox among all the semiconductor chips in the world at a time. That means once it crosses the set limit all the semiconductor chips made of the same configuration will experience this cataclysm at the same time. I can prove mathematically this can happen when it crosses 3nm to 2nm and having the mathematically calculated Lepton Controlled Active Site (transistor), silicon/silicon oxides/boron/phosphorus, etc. volume and Lepton shifting volume.

    The information shift paradox will have a definite relationship between number of chips, number of systems, number of data processing speed transfer of lepton, minimum number of chips operating together, silicon lepton active site density.