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Pete has over 39 years of publishing experience. He co-founded Semiconductor Digest and the Gold Flag Media company with publisher Kerry Hoffman in 2019. Previously, he spent over 25 years at Semiconductor International and 11 years at Solid State Technology.

Products of the Year

Each month, CleanRooms brings you innovative products of interest to you and your industry. As we reach the end of 2004, we've compiled this complete collection of the products we've featured over the past year. From apparel to wafer sorters,…

Cost-effective fab-capacity expansion

Compared to fab expansion via new cleanroom construction, a SMIF upgrade may prove to be the lowest risk with the shortest time to project completion By Chris Humphreys & S. Peter Hansen With the semiconductor industry upturns and downturns occurring…

Energy conservation: Cost is not the real issue

For some time now we've been concerned about energy conservation in semiconductor manufacturing cleanrooms. Papers have been written, seminars have been conducted, consultants have proliferated and engineers have gone back to drawing boards where they've produced solutions-some quite innovative and…