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Pete has over 40 years of publishing experience. He co-founded Semiconductor Digest and the Gold Flag Media company with publisher Kerry Hoffman in 2019. Previously, he spent over 25 years at Semiconductor International and 11 years at Solid State Technology.

Reframing the Roadmap: ITRS 2.0

The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductor (ITRS) is being reframed to focus more on end applications, such as smartphones and micro-servers. Labeled ITRS 2.0, the new roadmap is a departure from a strong focus maintaining the path defined by Moore’s Law.

Exponentially Rising Costs Will Bring Changes

Scott McGregor, President and CEO of Broadcom, sees some major changes for the semiconductor industry moving forward, brought about by rising design and manufacturing costs.

Semiconductor Materials: Growth, Opportunities and Challenges

Don’t miss this week’s webcast on Thursday. First, Lita Shon‐Roy, President/CEO of Techcet, will provide an overview of chip level materials markets, focusing on growth and opportunities. Next, SRC’s Jon Candelaria, Director, GRC Interconnect and Packaging Sciences, will describe how today’s researchers are exploring materials challenges beyond Moore’s Law.

Don’t Hack My Light Bulb, Bro

Many people believe that the lowly light bulb might be how the IoT makes it’s way into your home. Even at the light bulb level, security is going to be critical.

Internet-of-Things Infographic

This infographic, courtesy of Jabil, gives an good overview of what will be connected to the internet by 2020 (even garbage bins!).

Can we take cost out of technology scaling?

At The ConFab, IBM’s Gary Patton spoke about the future of scaling and concluded that it we will continue scaling with new technology innovation, but we have to figure out how to drive the cost out.

Three fundamental shifts

At The ConFab, IBM’s Gary Patton gave us three reasons to be very positive about the future of the semiconductor industry: an explosion of applications, the rise of big data and the need to analyze all that data.

The Rise of MEMS Sensors

Join us for a MEMS-focused webcast on Thursday, June 19th at 12:00pm Eastern time. Presenters will be Jay Esfandyari from STMicroelectronics and Simone Severi from imec.

The next big thing: IoT

The Internet of Things alone will surpass the PC, tablet and phone market combined by 2017.

GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ Kengeri to speak at The ConFab

Subramani Kengeri, Vice President, Advanced Technology Architecture at GLOBALFOUNDRIES will speak at The ConFab 2014 on the “techno-economics” of how the relatively small semiconductor industry ($350 billion or $0.35 trillion) is driving the $85 trillion gross world product (GWP).