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Is It Time for A Roadmap for Equipment and Materials?

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  1. As Gopal Rao well knows, ASNA has forged a new committee, attempted with Sematech’s help, and now with SEMI for a SCIS committee focused on just that- an extension of the supply chain all the way to the basic- equipment and all the subcomponents that make up that equipment and NO roadmaps to guide the very basics- valves, slitvalves, pumps, fittings, orings.. – as a dedicated manufacturer of seals already bringing standards and quality to the Aerospace and AUtomative industry, and trying to bring the same important message here, I hope that the ‘call for action’ is heard throughout the industry..and the ITRS map, ad Sematech, and SEMI and that we can bridge all the organizations so that we can bring positive change and important upgrades to our industry.. …thank you

  2. As I had thought my comment had been posted, will try again- this discussion is long overdue. It is amazing that we are going down the road towards 14, 10, 7 nm? and what ARE the standards for equipment, and the parts of the equipment that will assure that these processes be achieved? Very few,- and the ‘call to action’- the requirements to upgrade equipment, which was never created for the semiconductor industry( valves, pumps, seals, fittings, etc) have not been addressed. ASNA has forged an alliance, first with Sematech, (and still in discussions) and now with SEMI, named the SCIS committee (Sub-components, Instruments and Subsystems) that will be a forum to discuss as well as address these issues. The core members are the sub-component companies led by ASNA and now co-chaired by Edwards, that have reached out successfully to the IDM and OEM community to be ‘advisors’ so that we may take real action to grow ‘awareness’, understanding, and hopefully, action to address and resolve critical areas of lack of controls and contamination sources that will be vital to assuring positive results in the type of technology that our present manufacturing is already seeing as problem areas.
    Hopefully, we can successfully bridge all the work from the ITRS, Sematech, SEMI and all and any organizations that can become ‘the voices’ and bridges of the gap that is very real today..
    All the best.. Dalia Vernikovksy