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Reframing the Roadmap: ITRS 2.0

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  1. Michael Clayton says:

    ITRS web site has many broken links it seems.

  2. Azmat says:

    I have wondered, what a roadmap contributes to knowledge and progress. Most members will not, and by all business logic should not, disclose their ‘competitive advantage track’ information. So roadmaps, like business forecasts, become an exercise in ‘extrapolation’. Extrapolations do not capture non-linear possibilities, the ‘black swan’ effects.
    If one looks at the contributor list of most roadmaps, a likely thought is about the thousands of person-hours that go into the effort. Is it worth it? To the indystry? To the individual contributors and-or the employers? Or is it an opportunity for the contributors to learn from peers by the interaction/ networking. Are the ‘users’ of the roadmaps the people IN the industry, or are they those outside the industry who need an undestanding about what is going on. The investment/ hedge fund analysts?

  3. i wounderd sth about itrs 2.0 after 2096 and i get an answer the effect of more than moore or the effect of system integration become an existing largest packaging level record for semicondcutor industry.using numerial systems for developing capabity

  4. to be honest itrs reframing is needed becouse of 2 MAJOR changes of the characterisics of devices . i am expecting sth from itrs in the future that is watining scaling density challanges and pcb footprint challanges to be solved based on future techo

  5. exapostining is one of techological forcasting methodologies that have used by gordon moore ceo of intel in 1965 on device pridication now is there a way of moore device techologies more than moore ITRS :TOP DOWN SYSTEM INTEGRATION