Power ICs: A $21B Market Evident in All Applications

Electrification of transport, autonomous driving, batteryfication of power and medical tools, and building and factory automation will continue to drive the market.

Atomic Layer Deposition Gains Traction in More-than-Moore Device Production

ALD adoption is likely to continue despite aggravating supply chain issues and production costs.

DRAM Prices Move Higher as the Industry Continues to Innovate

A look at current market dynamics and the emergence of DDR5, 1-alpha process node, and CXL. Find the full article in the June/July issue of Semiconductor Digest.

Partially Hindered by the Pandemic, the MEMS Industry Could Emerge Stronger

Expect mixed effects in the 2020 MEMS market, followed by growth in the longer term.

Epitaxy: An Epic Growth

Epitaxy growth equipment for More than Moore devices technology.

A New Wave of Fan-Out Packaging Growth

Key players from different business models are fueling new growth.