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Moore’s Law is Dead – (Part 2) When?

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  1. eric says:

    Just a kind reminder, it is km/h not km/hr thank you.

    1. edkor says:

      Thank you for the kind reminder…now corrected.

  2. Byungchun Yang says:

    You are saying that the time we can claim that devices become smaller and cheaper and faster has ended. I agree with you since every technology has its ending, and miniaturization is no exception. However, since it does not mean that the semiconductor industry itself is ending, we will need to keep improving things continuously.

    Among many efforts, improving yield is most important, I guess. Simultaneously improving the 3 aforementioned items do not need to be done if it is not easy. If we can simultaneously improve just 2 of the 3 items, it is an important improvement. For example, we can make chips smaller and cheaper, if the yields before and after the CD shrinking were the same. So, we first need to focus on how to maintain the yield at the same level when shrinking CDs, and can make significant economical advancement, i.e., producing more chips by the shrinking.